Drive Your AdWords Revenue with Our Most-Used Keywords Tool

We are on the keywords train. And we can’t wait to tell you about our next tool.

First and foremost, here at LXRMarketplace, we want to provide you with reasons WHY our tools hold such significance in e-commerce. As mentioned in our last post, the Top-ranked Websites by Keyword Tool was unique in that it enabled users to identify the top competitors for any given keyword, as well as individual pages and hyperlinks. This, in combination with the Weekly Keyword Rank Checker, enables users to identify top keywords for their already known competitors, providing users with a very wide range of information that can optimize their marketing strategies.

But there are so many aspects to SEO and paid-search that businesses are seldom in a position where they have too many tools available to them. Or tools that are providing too much insight. It’s usually just a matter of time and money that prevents businesses for exploring the full range of resources that can help them generate more revenue. That is why we recommend using the Most Used Keywords Tool. Not only does this tool analyze the top 100 URLS’s of the domain entered by the user, but it also provides the text-to-code ratio—the percentage of actual text on a webpage—the total number of keywords, and the most repeated keywords for each crawled webpage.

So why is this important?

Let’s look at the facts.

The Keyword Combinator tool provides you with the keyword combinations that will help attract more web-browsers to your website. The Weekly Keyword Rank Checker identifies those keywords which will help you compete with your rivals. And the Top-Ranked Keywords Tool helps you identify websites that are also using the scope of keywords you are using.

The Most-Used Keywords tells you MORE about your webpage and what you can do as a small business to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You are able to discern the most repeated keywords of the top 100 URL’s associated with any domain entered, assess whether those keywords are relevant to a webpage, and essentially makes suggestions as to HOW those keyword combinations can be changed. The tool will also filter out common stop words (to, the, which) if they aren’t part of a keyword phrase. So, the tool is built to essentially provide ways to IMPROVE your SEO with keywords, and it’s unique in that it does so quickly and free of charge.

In an industry where keyword relevancy is always changing as more and more businesses develop and promote their products and services online, a tool that tells you where your top-ranking URL’s are lacking and HOW to optimize those keywords is certainly of value; but first you must carefully discern what your needs are and HOW you can accomplish them. And really analyzing your current keyword success and discerning where those keywords can be improved will certainly give you direction as what information you need to improve your SEO. Using a tool such as our Most-Used Keywords Tool is the perfect start.




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