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Your website is likely constantly adding, removing and updating content and pages, making an automated tool crucial for managing backlinks and disavowing toxic domains. Managing a backlink profile can prove difficult and time-consuming without proper tools, especially for a huge site with history and lot of backlinks. Our Inbound Link Checker will crawl the web in order to provide you and your business with reports detailing whom exactly is linking to your site. The report will also outline what specific page they're linking to and how that particular link may be improving your online presence and domain authority.


  • Get a full backlink profile audit.

  • Optimize your backlink profile to improve SERP visibility.

  • Receive a summary of the backlinks, referring domains, and NoFollow Links.

01 Enter the details
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Enter the URL of the website or page you want to get data for.

Get a comprehensive analysis for the URL you entered, plus much more!
02 Steps to follow
  • Enter your domain URL or your competitors to generate a summary of referring domains and backlinks with other key metrics. You can download all your backlinks data in excel format.

A backlink is a link created when one website links to another. Backlinks are also called "inbound links" or "incoming links".
Backlinks is one of the primary ranking factors which influence the organic positions. The more number of quality backlinks you get the better the chances to rank higher in search results.
This tool works best if used on a recurring monthly basis.
This tool is designed to work for both small business owners and SEO freelancers or anyone who wants to monitor your backlinks and your competitors.
Maintaining a clean backlink profile improves sitewide authority, which is important for gaining position/ranking in SERPs.
Toxic backlinks are backlinks from untrustworthy or spammy sources with a low domain score often gained or created through what Google sees as "link manipulation." Algorithm updates like Penguin are aimed at identifying and potentially penalizing backlinks like this. It is important for SEO efforts to filter these types of backlinks from your profile.
To remove toxic backlinks you must generate a complete "disavow" file of the identified toxic backlinks and upload the file to your webmaster.
Yes, if a large percentage of your links are spammy or have low domain authority, Google sees this as a negative indication of your own site's authority. This means Google may penalize your rankings.
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