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SEM Consulting : Connecting Small Businesses to Big Minds

  • Over the past 8 years, NetElixir has managed online marketing campaigns for 200+ online retailers in 9 countries. This has given us first hand insight into what works and what doesn’t. As small retailers are losing faith in the power of online marketing due to rising costs and diminishing returns there becomes a tangible need for a solution. The big challenge for small retailers is that they cannot afford expensive tools or outsourced agency management.
  • As a result, in 2011 NetElixir launched LXRMarketplace, a free web based application marketplace for small retailers. The mission of LXRMarketplace is to simplify lives of small retail marketers by providing them with free and low priced web applications for improving their online marketing management efficiency as well as campaign performance.
  • We at NetElixir have a grand vision of democratizing the online retail marketing industry. As the ecommerce industry becomes more polarized, we believe in helping small businesses compete through knowledge, free tools, and advice.
  • We intend to launch a dozen free online marketing web apps for retailers’ use by the end of 2013. At this current time users have access to:
    • SEO Webpage Analysis – Analyze various on-page SEO factors on your website to judge how well it is SEO optimized and whether the SEO elements are in place or not.
    • Competitor Analysis – Quickly analyze how search-friendly your website is compared to your competitor’s websites.
    • Sitemap Builder – Automatically generate sitemaps for your website whenever you make changes or update the content on your site.
    • PPC Keyword Performance Analyzer – Analyze the keywords of your current marketing campaigns to easily separate the top performers from the non-performers.
    • ROI Calculator – Calculate how much money your online marketing campaign is making for you, in seconds!
    • PPC Keyword Combinator – Generate thousands of keywords in Adwords editor and AdCenter desktop compatible formats.
    • URL Auditor – Analyze your marketing campaigns’ URLs to quickly find and fix those that are broken.
  • What started as a vision is now helping small businesses succeed!

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