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Meta tags are an important component of any website. These are key bits of information that search engines use to understand a page’s context and keywords in order to evaluate the page’s relevance to users’ search queries. LXRMarketplace’s Meta Tag Generator Tool simplifies the task of generating meta tags for your various webpages. 

What is a Meta Tag?

Key components of any website are your title, description, and keywords. 

Title tags are one of the most significant SEO factors. Search Engine Optimizers tend to add keywords in the title tag to add relevance to the page for specific search queries. For clarity, it is important to note that a Title Tag is different from a Meta Title. While a meta title is a part of the meta element of a page, a title tag is marked differently. Titles are some of the most important search engine ranking factors, apart from overall website content. Some other Meta elements include robots.txt, geo, viewport, social, site verification, language, and more. 

While Meta descriptions are important, it is more useful from a user’s perspective as Google shows snippets from Meta Descriptions in their SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). The users read out the snippets from SERP before making a decision whether or not to click and visit that page. 

Google deprecated Meta Keyword tags way back in 2009 owing to spamming activities and is no longer important to Google. Having said that, it is still relevant for other Search Engines. 

Author information is also important to recognize the author of the particular web page. 

Optimize your Website’s Meta Tags 

With the help of LXRMarketplace’s Meta Tag Generator tool, you can generate meta tags for your website in a matter of minutes. 

You simply need to provide the following elements:

  • Title Tag 
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Author Name

The tool would fetch in the information and render it in HTML format. 

It is essential to note that there should be character limits maintained for both title tag and meta description. The limit for the title tag is 47 characters and 150 characters for meta description. With the help of the Meta Tag Generator tool, you can stick to the SEO requirements for the meta tags and come up with the recommended ones that best suit your website. 

Meta Tags are an opportune area wherein Search Engine Optimizers can include the targeted keywords of their page and make it more relevant in the eyes of Search Engines for specific keywords. And, LXRMarketplace’s Meta Tag Generator tool easily creates the right platform to make effective metatags for implementation in their websites. 

Meta Tag Generator free SEO toolGenerate and check your meta tags today!

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Written by Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.

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