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competitor analysis

For every business owner, competitor insight is one of the key elements. It is important, not just to keep an eye on what the other business is doing, but to get a broader overview on the market trend. The Competitor Webpage Monitor Tool by LXRMarketplace provides classified information with respect to link and content performance.

Keep Track of the Competition

Digital is a dynamic space. Hence it is imperative that you should stay on the top of the latest marketing trends and embrace strategies that work out best for your business.

To do this, you would need competitor insights. On one hand it equips you with the knowledge of internal links across the website and, on the other, provides you with information on content changes over a span of time.

To operate the tool, all you need to do is provide the competitor’s URL, your email address, and then select the time range (i.e daily or weekly) depending on your preference. The tool would bestow you with classified details in a matter of seconds.

By sharing your email, you get to automatically subscribe to this report. However, if you do not wish to get it delivered to your inbox on a repeat basis, you also have the option to opt out.

Automate your Competitor Analysis

The competitor Webpage Monitor Tool provides vivid details on the following features:

Links Information: 

You get a summary of links added, removed for a span of time with links to the relevant resources. A graphical representation is also provided to help you get a quick summary.

Content Information: 

With respect to content changes, the tool provides information on text as well as image content that has been added. Also, if any piece of text or image is removed from the site, it provides vivid details of that too. For this information too, it provides you a short summary to get a glimpse of the data.

The above information would be extracted for daily or weekly time range depending upon your requirement. It empowers you with data on the precise text or image content that was added by your contender. Parallel to that, you also get to understand their internal linking strategy. This evidently gives you a broader overview of their whole content and linking plan and helps you divide your content architecture accordingly.

For every website, it is imperative to design a robust SEO strategy and needless to mention, content and links are two important pedestals of it. The Competitor Webpage Monitor Tool helps you with complete content and link data that helps you build the right strategy for your business.

competitor analysisDon’t fall behind – monitor your competition.

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Written by Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.


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