Company Website Finder Tool

Company Website Finder Tool


The website of any organization is a powerful source of information. It is your brand, your store, your first impression for many new shoppers.  If you’re a business owner, it is imperative that you would need to gain knowledge and information pertaining to your competitors and prospective clients. Having access to the website of the other organization can help you acquire the required knowledge in a matter of minutes. LXRMarketplace’s Company Website Finder Tool can help you locate company website URL alongside their sister site URLs if you don’t readily know your competitor’s or prospective’s websites.

Discover Your Competitor’s Websites

The Company Website Finder tool caters to a number of requirements. 

As iterated above, it can help businesses locate the URLs of their competitors and conduct a complete SWOT analysis. Learn how your competitors organize and display their products and services, contact information, history, and more to understand why customers may be drawn to that online address. Get a better understanding of your industry’s design and content standards by finding the websites of your competitors. Other than that, you can take idea from competitor’s URLs and array of landing pages so as to better assess the kind of links you could need to adopt for their own business. 

The tool also helps businesses do an extensive research on their prospects and helps them get better prepared. Again, by discovering your prospects’ websites, you can do a quick background check on their needs to better be able to serve them in the future. The Company Website Finder tool saves you time from manually searching for each and every website of prospects you may come across.

The URL of a business is the reflection of their company brand and hence, the selection of the same really needs to be a thoughtful one. 

Aside from the branding perspectives, it is also essential to consider the SEO implications. It is definitely good idea to have a prominent keyword included within the domain name so as to exert better Search Engine mileage. At the same time, one must be careful so as not to overuse keywords in the domain name so that your brand identity get lost. To add to this, oftentimes, businesses need to purchase a domain name for the purpose of creating a website; domain names with too many keywords may become expensive to maintain. 

Your Company Website

In order to use the Company Website Finder tool, you will need to simply provide the company name as an input and press the ‘Analyze’ button. The tool would not only cater you the specific company URL, but also several other sister URLs of the brand. That way, you can get comprehensive information about the several products and initiatives of the brand and chalk out your strategy likewise. 

The website of an organization is the powerhouse of information and by locating the exact URL, you can get access to vital information that can be effective for your business. 

Find your company’s website and domain name in one quick and easy step.

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Written by Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.


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