Image Compressor Tool

image compressor tool

The image compression tool by LXRMarketplace is a one stop solution for small business owners and web developers. In order to optimize a website, it is absolutely essential to reduce the image sizes without reducing the quality. The image compression tool helps in compressing the size of JPEG images in a matter of seconds. 

Image Optimization

For an enriched user experience, page speed is one of the most telltale factors. Heavy images take a lot of time to load and thereby hinders the site speed.  A website which takes time to load frustrates users, which in turn makes them leave the website without navigating further. Poor user experience reflects poorly in your SERP ranking. 

Hence, it is absolutely necessary to reduce the size of the images to enable smooth loading and enhance site speed. Needless to say, page speed is an important Search Engine Ranking factor, especially for mobile devices. Reducing the size of images is a simple and effective step in increasing your user experience.

In today’s times, a given website secures about 70% of traffic from mobile. In an era of time economy, the users prefer websites that fully load quickly. Considering these factors, it is extremely important to have a fast loading website and images contribute a great degree in accelerating mobile speed. 

Your Picture Perfect Website

Using the tool is quite simple. All you need to do is upload a JPEG image and press the compress button. The tool automatically compresses the size of the image in a matter of seconds, without losing any of the image’s quality.

In a nutshell, the Image Compression Tool is a quick solution for business owners, developers, thereby helping Search Engine Optimizers with minified images that helps them in the optimization process. 

Image compressor tool for faster page speedOptimize your website by compressing images for a quicker loading time without sacrificing quality.

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Written by Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.


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