Can upload JPEG or JPG image files and download the compressed image file in the same file type originally uploaded.


(Upload files in jpg or jpeg format only.)

File Name Image Size Accepted? Delete
{{}} {{formatSizeUnits($index)}}

Following below are the compressed images:

File Name Original size Compressed size Status
{{result.fileName}} {{result.imageSize}} {{result.compressedImageSize}}
- Indicates that the image has been already compressed, and cannot reduce the size.






ABOUT Image Compression Tool

Image optimization is an important aspect of the overall SEO process. For business owners and freelancers, it often comes as a surprise that images can actually deter their website speed and overall defeat the purpose of creating an enhanced user experience. Bigger images take more time to load a page and hence slow down the website speed. Website Speed is an important Search Engine Ranking factor--hence it is important to fix all contributing elements which can reduce speed in order to generate effective UX.


  • The tool helps us compress oversized images that are equal to or beyond 15 KB. The tool effectively removes all correlated pixels thereby compressing the file size of the image.

  • It ensures that the compression does not compromise on the quality of the images.

  • Once the image is compressed and downloaded, the user gets it in the same format it was provided initially.

01 Enter the details
How to use tool image
Upload the image you want to compress.

Get a compressed image.
02 Steps to follow
  • To use the compression tool, you would need to simply upload the original file from your desktop and just press ‘Compress’.

  • Soon the tool will compress the image and share with you the optimized format without forgoing the quality.

It is difficult to predict the file size the image would have after compression. This purely depends on the image in itself. The tool would compress it to an optimal level where it is optimized and does not compromise the quality.
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