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most used keywords in your SEO content strategy

For digital marketers, it is absolutely necessary to have a good understanding of keywords. Keywords are search terms that users apply when trying to find a product, a service, an answer to a question, or anything that draws them to search the internet. Relevant search queries can direct users to your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

Inclusion of keywords in the content of your website, social media captions, and ad copy is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.  However, don’t overstuff your content, as keyword overstuffing can negatively impact your ranking. LXRMarketplace’s Most Used Keywords tool provides a tailor made solution for marketers and content writers.

Tactical Approach to Distribution of Keywords

As mentioned above, keywords are indeed an important part of the search engine optimization process. Some keywords are more competitive, which means a large number of users search for these terms. Generally, these high search volume terms also have too much competition, as everyone competes to achieve a ranking with these. 

On the other hand, there are long-tail keywords which have comparatively less searches and, likely, less competition. 

One of the important considerations before selecting a keyword for your brand and products is the search intent. Long-tail keywords have a very specific intent – many SEO’s make use of long-tail variations so as to target high intent search phrases in a relatively less competitive space. One of the strategies is to combine or blend long-tail keywords with short-head competitive ones. 

It is important to note that even though search engines evaluate the relevance of your content with the help of keywords, one should absolutely abstain from over using keyword terms. Keyword Density, which is denoted by the formula given below, is a yardstick of measuring keyword usage across content: 

Number of times a keyword is used / Total word count * 100 

Though there’s no fixed rule, but as an n SEO convention, the keyword density shouldn’t exceed more than 2.5 to 3%. 

Keywords should be widely distributed across the content and arise in content writing organically so as to mimic natural language. Keyword proximity is also an important measurement that signifies the distance between two keywords in the overall content piece. 

Your Website’s Content Strategy

With the help of LXRMarketplace’s  tool, one can quickly assess the words which are being repeated on a content piece. Once that’s done, the SEOs can gauge if a particular keyword is repeated at the desired frequency and edit the content accordingly.

The usage of the tool is simple enough. All you would need to do is provide the URL of your site and the tool will deliver the result across the top 100 pages of the site. As an additional detail, the tool also provides information about code-to-text ratio, which is a ranking factor. The code-to-text ratio gives an idea on the proportion of code used on page versus the textual content in it. The tool provides insights to the SEOs so they can identify the pages where the content is scarce and devise the right content strategies. 

The Most Used Keywords tool is indeed an important data point to SEOs and marketers. With the help of precise analysis, it empowers you with actionable insights to take up requisite measures.  

Most Used Keywords SEO content strategy toolLearn how your most used keywords are distributed throughout your website and spruce up pages with less content.

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Written by Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.

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