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Most Used Keywords

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The Most-Used Keywords tool is designed to review your domain's two most important SEO on-page factors. It analyzes the top 100 urls of the domain provided by the user and provides the text-to-code ratio, the total number of keywords and the most repeated keywords for each crawled web page. It will also filter out common stop words (to, the, which, etc.) if they are not part of any keyword phrase.

Key Features

  • Fetches the top keywords relevant to the page.
  • Calculates the text-to-code ratio of a page.
  • Counts the total number of keywords on individual pages.


  • Helps the user identify most repeated keywords of a page, checks whether they are relevant to the page and makes suggestions on them if they are not.
  • Helps the user understand the text-to-code ratio and modifies the text and code in order to maintain the SEO standard ratio.


With this tool, you can quickly identify the most used keywords for any website.

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How to use?

How do I use the Most Used Keywords?
Simply enter your domain name and the tool will give you all the most used keywords,text/code ratio and total keywords for top 100 url's.

Use Most Used keywords in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Enter your domain name.

Step 2: Click the "Get Result" button and view your output! You can also download the results into a spreadsheet by clicking the "Download" button where you will be instructed to log in, create a free account, or enter your email address and click on "Send Mail" to receive the report into your mailbox.

Your result includes:

  • Webpage URL.
  • Link Depth.
  • Pages Scanned.
  • Average Keyword and Text/Code Ratio.
  • Minimum and Maximum Keyword and Text/Code Ratio.
  • Most Used Keywords.
  • Top Keywords of a page.


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Most Used Keywords