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To be in the good books of Google is absolutely necessary for any search engine optimizer. Google generally issues standard guidelines which are deemed essential if you would want to retain your position in the search engine results page. However, there are certain essential guidelines which, if not abided by, could incur a penalty. This means Google would never rank these websites and they would slip off from the Google index permanently. In certain cases, it takes a while for the business owners and SEO web managers to realize that they’ve been penalized. It’s important to be cognizant of such penalizations so that one can take up remedial measures before it’s too late.  LXRMarketplace’s SEO penalty checker is a handy tool that helps you check whether your website has been hit by any such penalty. 

Search Engine Algorithm Updates

It is interesting to note that search engines like Google often modify their algorithms in order to cater their users with enriched and better web experiences. Hence,  the SEOs should also keep up with the changes so as to retain their foothold in Google. The major Google updates come out with a lot of implications. Most of these updates come with major quality benchmarks  and failing these penalizes a website. After a major update, there are regular refreshes which tend to happen within a year. 

Don’t Let Updates Penalize Your Search Engine Ranking

The LXRMarketplace SEO Penalty Checker tool helps you assess your traffic trajectory and simultaneously map it with Google updates that happened over the span of a certain period. In general,  it takes into account a period of two years and plots down the organic traffic contribution to the website. For every anomaly, you can quickly refer to the then Google updates which had happened – this would help you arrive at an informed conclusion regarding the site’s organic performance. 

The SEO Penalty Checker is a handy tool for SEOs because it helps you be aware of Google penalizations on time so you can act quickly to make any corrections to your site that you need.

SEO Penalty Checker toolEffectively monitor your website’s traffic to avoid being penalized by search engine updates.

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Written by Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.

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