Take necessary steps to recover from penalty and regain your visibility.

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ABOUT SEO Penalty Checker

Google algorithm updates occur constantly. These updates are designed to enhance user experience (UX) through better understanding of user intent (UI) behind searches. If your site is optimized to align with these updates, you benefit in SERP visibility. If not, you can accrue penalties. With the SEO Penalty Checker tool, you'll receive a clear roadmap of your site in terms of sudden traffic anomalies following algorithm updates, giving you an early warning system on any penalties incurred by the update. Traffic ties directly to revenue, so as a business owner it's vital to stay on top of any shifts in organic traffic. If you're a freelancer, being able to stay on top of such KPIs for clients is also vital for providing the best service you can.


  • Check if your site has been penalized by any Google Algorithm Updates.

  • Gain suggestions for actionable steps to recover from any penalties accrued and regain visibility in SERPs.

  • Keep in Sync with Google Algorithm Updates and make changes in the Website accordingly.

  • Monitor site data on a daily basis for any increase or decrease in organic traffic.

  • Take the necessary steps to recover from penalties and regain your visibility.

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Enter the URL of the website or page you want to get data for.

Get a comprehensive analysis for the URL you entered, plus much more!
02 Steps to follow
  • Synchronize your Google Analytics account through the dashboard to receive daily updates/red flags on sudden traffic abnormalities.

This is a single-use tool designed to deliver detailed information.
Small business owners, freelancers, and SEO analysts alike will find this tool helpful.
Knowing how Google sees your site's ranking post update is important for gaining insight and direction for future overall SEO efforts.
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