Download a detailed report of all your DNS records information.






Avoid incorrect Domain Name System (DNS) records through detailed checks and reporting generated by the free LXRSEO DNS Lookup tool. This free SEO tool checks the records of your website's Internet Service Provider's (ISP) DNS server and compares it with the information from the target domain's authoritative DNS server, which allows you to view various types of Domain Name System records. This is a crucial system for today's Internet and a vital tool for any business owner or SEO analyst.


  • Find DNS records for a specified domain or hostname.

  • Download a detailed report of all your DNS record information.

01 Enter the details
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Enter the URL of the website or page you want to get data for.

Get a comprehensive analysis for the URL you entered, plus much more!
02 Steps to follow
  • Simply enter your target domain URL and this tool will check the details about common resource record types for the root server, TLD server, and name server information.

This is a one time tool meant to deliver a detailed report.
Website administrators and SEO analysts can benefit greatly from this tool.
Understanding DNS records is vital for gaining a holistic understanding of your site as it stands on the internet.
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