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Now you can easily track website rankings for up to 5 keywords by simply entering them into our Keyword Rank Checker. The display chart will show you how your keywords rank and how they stack up against your competitor's. You will even receive a weekly report of your keywords rankings in both Google and Bing.

The Keyword Rank Checker tracks your website rank on Google and Bing (for up to 5 keywords), weekly. You can also track your competitor's website ranks for the selected keywords. Registered users benefit from three wonderful features this free tool. Analyze keyword ranking trends for custom date range using trend charts. Set custom email alerts for changes in keyword rankings. Get weekly keyword ranking report emailed to their mail box.

This free tool is an invaluable way of keeping a tab on your keyword level SEO performance and identifying areas for gaining competitive advantage.

Key Features

  • The Keyword Rank Checker will provide rankings for your keywords and your competitor's keywords, Weekly!
  • The tool will monitor your keywords and automatically send email alerts for your keyword ranking changes.
  • The tool enables you to analyze website ranking trends over custom time periods.
  • The tool sends you automated weekly ranking report in PDF format.


Monitor and analyze weekly website rankings in Google and Bing and compare with competitor's.

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How to use?

How does the SEO Rank Checker work?
The SEO Rank Checker is designed to help you keep track of your keyword's SEO rankings on Google and Bing. First, enter your website domain. Then, enter up to 5 keywords and 3 competitor domains. When you click “Get Results”, LXR Marketplace will display SEO rankings for all the keywords entered and automatically create a chart tracking the rankings of the given keywords so users can better understand which keywords are trending. Users can also request a weekly email update of their keyword rankings.
How do I use the SEO Rank Checker?

Use the SEO Rank Checker in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Enter the Keyword(s).

Step 2: Select Geographical Location

Step 3: Select the Language

Step 4: Enter your Domain.

Step 5: Enter your Competitor's Domain(s).

Step 6: Click "Get Results"!

The resulting screen will show organic SEO rankings of each keyword entered for both Google and Bing search engines. You will be given the option of viewing a competitor's rankings for the same keyword. A chart will display the trend of rankings for each selected keyword. By registering at the bottom of the page, you can edit the existing keywords and competitor's domains in addition to receiving a weekly PDF report to your email inbox that shows the movement of your keyword rankings when compared to previous weeks.

You can edit the existing keywords and competitor's domains and you can request your weekly report. You can also set up alerts for when your keywords reach a certain target or fall below a limit. Alerts and weekly reports can always be disabled Options to receive the email notifications/unsubscribe from the tool can be changed from this screen.

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Weekly Keyword Rank Checker