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Search Engine Display

This is the way people see your website on a search engine like Google.

Meta Title

The Title tag is the most important component of a web page and indicates to the search engine what the page is about.
The character limit of the Title tag should be within 50-60 characters.
It should include the primary keyword of the page.

Meta Description

Meta Description, as the name suggests, provides information about the subject matter of the page. Mostly it is important from the user's perspective.
The character limit of the Meta Description tag is 150-160 characters and you can optionally include keywords in there.

Open Graph Meta Tags

When a URL is shared in a social platform, it consists of the image alongside Title and Description. This very title and description is different from that of the Metatags. The specific Title and the snippet that appear for social sharing is known as the OG tags. One of the purposes of the OG tag is to enhance the click through rate.

Social Sharing

This is how your website could look like when someone shares it.


This image is the first thing people will see when someone shares your website.

Robots Meta Tags

The Robots Meta tag provides instruction to Search Engines like Google on whether the page should or shouldn’t be crawled. Also, it provides instruction on whether or not to follow the links of that page.

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