Evaluates metatag’s relevance to page content, shares a clear view of OG Metatags in sharable content / image.

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search engine display

This is the way people see your website on a search engine like Google.

meta title

The Title tag is the most important component of a web page and indicates to the search engine what the page is about.
The character limit of the Title tag should be within 50-60 characters.
It should include the primary keyword of the page.




RELEVANCY: {{metaTagAnalyzerCTRL.mtaTitleRelavence}} {{metaTagAnalyzerCTRL.mtaTitleRelavence}}

meta description

Meta Description, as the name suggests, provides information about the subject matter of the page. Mostly it is important from the user's perspective.
The character limit of the Meta Description tag is 150-160 characters and you can optionally include keywords in there.



LENGTH: {{metaTagAnalyzerCTRL.mtaTitleDescLength}}

RELEVANCY: {{metaTagAnalyzerCTRL.mtaTitleDescRelavence}} {{metaTagAnalyzerCTRL.mtaTitleDescRelavence}}


When a URL is shared in a social platform, it consists of the image alongside Title and Description. This very title and description is different from that of the Metatags. The specific Title and the snippet that appear for social sharing is known as the OG tags. One of the purposes of the OG tag is to enhance the click through rate.


The below image shows how your page appear in social channels along with the OG Title and Description.
The OG Tag present in your website meets the following checklist criteria



Parameter Presence
02. TYPE
03. URL

social sharing

This is how your website could look like when someone shares it.



This image is the first thing people will see when someone shares your website.

How to use tool image


The Robots Meta tag provides instruction to Search Engines like Google on whether the page should or shouldn’t be crawled. Also, it provides instruction on whether or not to follow the links of that page.


The Robots Meta tag of your website

- allows indexation of the pages.

- allows crawling of links on the page.

- does not allow indexation of the pages.

- does not allow crawling of links on the page.


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ABOUT Meta Tag Analyzer

The Meta Tag Analyzer tool provides a detailed analysis of the website Title, Meta Description, Robots Metatag as well as OG Meta tags with clear suggestions on its improvement areas.
Meta tags are an important site element that gets featured in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). It is a part of a site’s meta elements. Both the title tag and Meta Descriptions are important from a Search Engine perspective as it defines what a particular page is about. Whereas Title, as the name implies, is about the subject matter of the page, the description explains its purpose in a few lines.
Hence it is essential to maintain the standard guidelines in terms of its character limit and relevance to reap the maximum benefits.


  • The Meta Tags Analyzer tool bestows you with the following advantages with its key features:

  • Helps you identify the relevance of the Title and Meta Description with respect to the page.

  • Helps you detect any extension beyond the suggested character limit.

  • Helps you get a view on the OG Tag and the way Title, Description would fit in the frame of the shareable image.

  • Provides a checklist of items mentioned in the OG tag.

  • Checks for the existence of Robots.txt metatag and verifies whether the page is blocked by using ‘no index’ attribute and whether the links are made ‘no follow’.

01 Enter the details
How to use tool image

02 Steps to follow
  • The usage of the tool is simple enough. All you need to do is provide the URL of the page whose Meta Tags you’re looking forward to analyze. The tool would instantaneously come with up an analysis coupled with recommendations for the
    Title Tag
    Meta Description
    Existing Shareable Images if any and the OG Tag that accompanies
    With the help of the aforementioned suggestions, you can further improvise the tags before implementing the same in your website.

Meta tags are a part of Meta elements in the website. It typically consists of Meta title, Description, Robots, Author meta tags, etc.
Yes. Title tag, as the name suggests is the Title of a page, it denotes what the page is about. On the other hand, Meta title is a part of the page’s meta element.
Open Graph or the OG tags are snippets of code that control the way shared URL should be displayed in social media including its Title and Description. A separate OG Title and Description is generally created to enhance the click-through rate of a page in social platforms.
The recommended limit for Title tag is 50-60 characters and that of description is 150-160 characters.
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