Make time-effective campaign decisions.

Step 1: Select the AdWords /AdCenter Keyword Report to Upload
Click here to download Sample Template
(Only in csv or tsv format)
Step 2: Select the Key Metric
(Based on the selected Key Metric, the 80/20 analysis will be done)






ABOUT Keyword Performance Analyzer

Don't spend too much time on identifying top-performing keywords for your account. The Keyword Performance Analyzer Tool helps you to determine the top-performing keywords from your campaigns. By categorizing the Keywords quickly, you can make quick and effective decisions related to your campaigns and save time.


  • This Keyword Analysis Tool will help to Analyze your Campaign Keywords quickly and categorize them by differentiating the top performers from the non-performers.

01 Steps to follow
  • You can generate your Keyword Performance Report in 3 Easy Steps.

  • Upload your list of keywords using the "Browse" option. (Only in csv or tsv format).

  • Select which key metric you wish to measure from the drop-down menu.

  • Run the analysis by Clicking on Analyze.

Keyword Performance Analyse help in categorizing the performance of the Keywords from your campaigns and help in making your decisions quickly.
You can upload your list of keywords using the "Browse" option and select the CSV or TSV file where all your keywords are stored in a specified format.
Click for a sample template.
The analysis report is self-explanatory as it gives through color-coded performance classification and practical recommendations for boosting campaign performance.
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