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Which keywords are bringing your marketing campaigns the greatest success? The PPC Keyword Performance Analyzer Tool is designed to quickly & simply analyze the keywords of your campaigns. It categorizes them by differentiating the top performers from the non-performers.

Key Features

  • Allows input of keyword reports from Google AdWords and AdCenter.
  • The data can include the columns like Campaign, Adgroup, Keyword, Match Type, Clicks, Cost, & more.
  • Provides a quick overview of keyword performance based on Conversions or Revenue.
  • Do you wonder which keywords in your campaign are the most successful? Use the Keyword Performance Analyzer, which quickly provides a keyword performance overview based on your metric selection, eventually making the identification of effective keywords completely effortless.
  • The Keyword Performance Analyzer allows you to input keyword reports from Google AdWords and AdCenter with basic columns like Campaign, AdGroup, Keyword, Match Type, Clicks, Cost, and more.
  • This free keyword analyzer tool will provide a report of the top performing keywords as well as the least performing ones based on the metric you choose, either conversions or revenue, which will aid in making decisions about your campaigns much quicker and easier.


  • It categorizes the keywords easily.
  • Helps in making important campaign decisions quickly and save decision making time.


The Keyword Performance Analyzer is a tool designed to relay information about which keywords are bringing in the most success for your campaigns.

Step 1: Select the AdWords / AdCenter Keyword Report to Upload Help Click here to download Sample Template
(Only in csv or tsv format)
Step 2: Select the Key Metric Help          
(Based on the selected Key Metric, the 80/20 analysis will be done)
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How to use?

What is the Keyword Performance Analyzer?

The Keyword Performance Analyzer helps you separate the top performing keywords from the rest in 3 clicks. It offers recommendations to help optimize each keyword to ensure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

How can the Keyword Performance Analyzer help me?

The Keyword Performance Analyzer helps improve the efficiency of your search engine marketing campaign through color coded performance classification and practical recommendations for boosting campaign performance.

Who should use the Keyword Performance Analyzer? How often should they use it?

Every search engine marketer should use the analyzer at least once a week to ensure they are spending their SEM budget efficiently

How do I use the Keyword Performance Analyzer?

You can generate your Keyword Performance Report in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Upload your list of keywords using the “Browse” option. (Only in csv or tsv format)

You can download a template format by clicking on the "Click here to download Sample Template" link.

Step 2: Select which key metric you wish to measure from the drop down menu

Step 3: Click the "Get Result" button and view your output! A Color Coded Performance Report will be generated for you along with practical recommendations to improve efficiency. You can also download the results into a spreadsheet by clicking the "Download" button where you will be instructed to log in, create a free account, or enter your email address

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Keyword Performance Analyzer