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Webmasters create a robots.txt file to instruct search engine robots to crawl and index pages that are a part of a website.

The robots.txt file can cause major trouble for your website. If the syntax is wrong you could end up telling search engine robots NOT to crawl your site, so the web pages WON'T appear in the search results.

The importance of analyzing the syntax error of a robots.txt file cannot be stressed enough!

This tool can help you to identify errors that may exist within your current /robots.txt file. It also lists the pages that you've specified to be disallowed.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Validated and error free robots.txt file can be directly uploaded to your root directory.
  • Identifies syntax errors, logic errors, mistyped words and also provides useful optimization tips.
  • The validation process takes in account both Robots Exclusion De-facto Standard rules and spider-specific (Google, Yandex, etc.) extensions (including the new "Sitemap" command).


Are you struggling with robots.txt file syntax? Now you can easily check it out using our FREE robots.txt validator tool!

Enter your website URL:


Paste/Edit your robots.txt and check for errors:

Simply enter your domain URL or paste the content of your robots.txt file, and let the tool do its job in identifying errors!

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How to use?

What is robots.txt?
Robots.txt is a text file web administrators create to instruct search engine robots on how to crawl and index pages that are part of their website.
How do I use the Robots.txt Validator Tool?
Use robots.txt validator in 3 simple and easy steps.

Step 1: Simply enter your website URL in the tool.

Step 2: Click on "Import and Validate Robots.txt" button. If your website already contains robots.txt file, tool will fetch and validates robots.txt file content according to robots exclusion de-facto standards and provides syntax errors.

Step 3: Edit/Paste the existing robots.txt file content and click on "Validate Robots.txt" button.

Tool will analyze the content and it identifies the syntax errors, logic errors and mistyped words present in the robots.txt file content:

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Robots.txt Validator