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ABOUT Robots.txt Validator

Before we discuss about Robots.txt file validator, let's first understand what a Robots.txt file is.

A Robots.txt file is a text file that includes instructions to guide Search Engine Robots about the pages which are not to be crawled in the website. It is the first file that is visited by the Search Engine Robots to find instructions about the crawling process.

How does Lxr 'Robots.txt Validator' help?

The Robots.txt validator helps in identifying all errors in the Robots.txt file including mistyped words, syntax & logical errors.

As iterated earlier, Robots.txt is an important file from Search Engine perspective, and getting the correct Robots.txt file is a prerequisite for every website.


  • The LXR Robots.txt file serves two fold purposes.

  • It can validate an existing Robots.txt file.

  • The webmasters can paste the content of their Robots.txt file before uploading in website root.

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02 Steps to follow
  • If you are a webmasters/ website owner, this very feature will help gauge the errors instantaneously and rectify the same.

  • Also, before you upload the rectified Robots.txt file in the root directory of your website, you can also check it in the validation tool by pasting the text version therein. You can disallow pages/ folders that you don't want to Search Engine Robots to crawl. The tool can instantaneously help you rectify all logical & syntax errors and help you rule out chances of any kind of error before the file gets updated in the website.

LXR's Robots.txt file validator will show all errors and warnings in the file and also suggest amendments thereof. This includes syntax, misspellings as well as logical errors
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