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ABOUT Competitor Analysis

The Competitor Analysis tool is designed to provide a breakdown of your website's On page elements against your competitors based on various SEO metrics. The tool will provide an SEO comparison report that includes an analysis of how well you are competing against your competitors for the indicated keyword and help you identify on page optimization areas and the key factors that can help you improve webpage rankings in organic search results.

Compares SEO-related data for your webpage against your competitors for a variety of metrics including page size, link popularity, headings and more.


  • Helps to identify which key SEO factors are directly affecting your organic rank such as page size, link count, text/html ratio and flash usage.

  • Provides recommendations for improving the On page Optimization of your site versus your competitor's based on specific comparisons of various SEO factors.

  • Compares keyword density of your webpage against your competitor's including factors such as title tags, body text and link text.

  • Analyzes your webpage's keyword density of your website to check whether your webpage is at risk of being considered spam by search engines.

01 Enter the details
How to use tool image
Enter the URL of the website or page you want to get data for.

Get a comprehensive analysis for the URL you entered, plus much more!
02 Steps to follow
  • Enter your domain url and competitors domain url and any keyword that you both want to rank.

  • The tool will generate a report to help you identify areas of opportunity for on-page optimization, as well as recommendations for improving your organic search rank.

  • You can download the entire report in PDF and Excel format.

Keyword density tells you how often a search term appears in a text in relation to the total number of words it contains.
Headings are important for SEO as they make it easier for users to navigate through the page. The user can a complete overview of the page by looking at the Heading tags and it also provide a big hint to users as to what to expect in each section.
The text to code ratio is the percentage of text a certain webpage has. The code refers to the web page HTML code.
A competitor analysis is a strategy where you identify your current and potential competitors and research their products and services. This includes understanding their strengths, weaknesses and next steps, which will help you to gauge your current business state.
The best way to identify your SEO competitors is to perform a Google search for your key products and services and see who is ranking in top 10 positions. This will give you a fair idea of who your industry and SEO competitors are. Once you have the list of these site, do a analysis of their keywords, backlinks, on page factors and UX of the website to get better insights.
A preferred domain is the version you choose for both users and search engines to consider as the primary version of the website. This can be achieved by writing a piece of code instructing to redirect all the versions of the site to your preferred version at server level.
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