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Are you driving traffic to broken landing pages and losing potential buyers? The URL Auditor analyzes landing page URL's of your marketing campaigns to segregate the broken links from the functional ones.

If you are concerned about where your potential customers are landing on your website, you can quickly analyze your landing page URLs and find out which landing pages are not working with our easy-to-use URL Auditor!

You can upload URLs individually or in bulk, and in seconds, receive a report on how many are leading potential customers to broken landing pages.

Ensuring that your landing page URLs are working can help the effectiveness of your campaign and help make sure that your potential buyers are not being driven away from your website.

Key Features

  • Allows individual entries as well as bulk upload of URLs.
  • Provides a quick overview of working and non-working links.


  • Improves overall effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • Helps in determining and fixing problematic links.


The URL Auditor analyzes your landing page URLs and quickly determines those that are working and those that are not.

Enter your URL(s):

Enter up to 100 URLs manually in the text box below. Enter one URL per line.

Upload your URLs:

Upload list of URLs you want to test in bulk. You can also directly upload Google Adwords or MSN Adcenter Keyword Report and get results in same format.

(Only in csv or tsv or xls or xlsx format)
Search Term (Optional)

Checks if the term is present on the link/page and also gives the number of times it appears. The result appears in the final output report that you download.

How to use?

How do I use the URL Auditor?

The URL Auditor in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Manually enter multiple URLs in the Enter your URLs textarea OR Using the Browse button, upload a file list of URLs (in .xls,.xlsx,.csv and .tsv formats only) or Google AdWords and MSN Analytics Keyword Report.

Step 2: Once you upload a file, a pop up window will open where the destination URL "Source Column" has to be specified from a drop down list. Select the appropriate column as per file column names. (If the file does not have a column names specified, then the 1st row will be displayed as column headers).

Step 3: The selected column can be modified by clicking the link available at the top left corner.

Step 4: The URL auditor also offers the option of inputting a Search Term to check if the term is present on the landing page. The URL Auditor Tool will search for this term on the landing page source code.

Step 5: Click the "Get Result" button and view your output! You can also download the results into a spreadsheet by clicking the "Download" button where you will be instructed to log in, create a free account, or enter your email address.

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